Halaman Printing & Packaging Corp. Head Office

Halaman Printing & Packaging Corp. Head Office

By EdaTahmaz23-08-2017Popularity:35

EDDA Architecture, under the leadership of Restorator Interior Architect Eda Tahmaz, who designs the management offices and reception sections of the factory of Halaman Printing in İstanbul, Esenyurt which gives services to many international corporations in domestic and international packaging, packing products and graphic design printing, have...

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  • Name:Eda Tahmaz
  • Country:Turkey
  • Specialty: Corporate
  • Position:Interior Architect
  • Introduction:Eda Tahmaz, who was graduated in the year of 1991 in the second place from the Restoration Department of the Faculty ...
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  • Email: ideatops@a963.com



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