Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic
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Existing situation

A narrow space defined by walls of different orientations, never forming right angles and with too many corners. 

A tight, aggressive, instable, oppressive and static space.

To eliminate the angles by creating seamless transitions between the different plans in a continuous movement that leads to an esoteric dimension.
The surrounding limits become a continuous skin, appropriated as the packaging of the volumes distributed on the inside.
Grey microcement coats the walls, doors and cupboards, conferring a continuous homogeneous appearance.
The treatment rooms are solid blocks of translucent glass, with varying degrees of transparency which reflect movements that are confused with shadows, and are revealed as water droplets on the skin. Inside the colours are strong, provided by the vinyl flooring, and related to feng shui philosophy.
The stairway stands out as a wooden sculpture leading to the upper floor. It is detached and leans against the skin without puncturing it, presenting as a body that by pulling it lends it shape.
The timber is arranged in a solid slatted and carved structure that accentuates the curves and uprights its perception.
The brushed matt lacquer treatment provides a pure, true and warm perception of the material.

key: Dr Derm Dermatology Clinic Healthcare Office Space Estoril Portugal Atelier Central Arquitectos
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