Molewa-Plot 15 Housing Design
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Award winning residential scheme for plot-15 for Molewa - Mount Lu Estate World Architecture International Design competition situated in Ruichang, China. The Molewa master plan anchors itself with the creation of one the largest flower themed park in the region and as a result creating a major mixed use, touristic and leisure attraction point rippling from Ruichang, and throughout the Jiangxi province. The Flower Ocean park is strategically planned on the south part of the site, creating a strong visual link and identity with access from the north. Access to the Flower Ocean Park will need to cross through the commercial/cultural/educational plots of the masterplan as well as through a series of residential plots. As much as the commercial plots are important aspects of the overall urban and public realm experience, it is the residential plots that bear the brunt of creating the actual urban context with the necessary critical mass for any urban context to be successful. Commercial / cultural / educational plots cannot function without successful residential mass. Our plot selection for this submission is thus a residential plot to respond to providing a visionary, contemporary living unit that connects with the Flower Ocean, but also to the larger context of what modern living is all about.

Design Concept

Contemporary family structure in China is still very much rooted in deep traditional family structure. Though this structure is evolving around the mobility and geography of work, the ideal family structure is still a multi-generational one based on grandparents-parents and child (ren).

Often this traditional family structure finds itself within the confines of a conventional living unit where co-habitation is an intruding and unresponsive necessity. Furthermore, access to private outdoor area directly from within unit is unheard of due to organizational layout and restrictive area allocation. Our vision lies in the following design principles listed below that redefines living to respect the generational differences and creating a healthy and well-being lifestyle living for all as the foremost design driver:

1.     All units are designed as individual “houses” with its own proper outdoor “garden” regardless of its size and position.

2.     All units have cross ventilation to ensure resourceful use of the environment.

3.     All units are oriented north-south to ensure maximum access to sunlight.

4.     All units have private lift-staircase access to ensure security and privacy.

5.     Functional layout allows flexibility-transformable spaces to accommodate different use, different ages and family structure.

6.     All units minimizes partitions yet maintains privacy.

7.     All units promote sense of home in the universal sense of respecting individual and collective spaces.

The fundamental idea of our concept lies in this simple precept: one residential unit + one outdoor garden = one home. 

Aerial View

Street Entry eye level view

Flower Garden eye level view

Interior Residential Flower Garden

Private flower garden terrace

Massing Diagram

Sustainability Diagram

Concept diagram

key: Molewa-Flower Garden Collage
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