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Situated on Arbuthnot road in Central, on the 25th floor of the Universal Trade Centre Tower, BabySteps is new playgroup created to foster a unique learning experience utilizing innovative psychological approaches to stimulate children’s passion for learning. Centering around play, music and art therapy, the focus is on learning development while ensuring healthy psychological growth in every individual child.

Within the 160 sqm of commercial floor layout, Babysteps interior is designed around three main concepts: 1. Brightness: open, spacious and inviting layout.  2. Boldness: Enhanced simplicity, spatial depth with transparency and fluidity. 3. Colour: Bringing the joy of colour in an elegant and subtle manner to the context.

The interior layout is organized around the principal playzone as the central spatial feature. It is an open, luminous and inviting play area with multiple zones of activities: active, tactile, and calm. A large feature wall with curved geometrical colorful cutouts and built-in storage anchor the space and provides a playful yet calm backdrop against the principal playzone. These cutouts provide glimpse into the classrooms from the children’s level as well as adults level. Behind the feature wall, there are three classrooms that align the glass curtain wall. Modular, these classrooms provide intimate group activities at different times of the day. A moveable partition between the larger and standard classroom allows the creation of a larger classroom for the use of the interactive digital media-board.

The entry area is designed to welcome visitors and children alike. Through the transparent glass doors, the entry is made up of a series of curved planes assembled with vertical colour and monochromatic metallic louvers. The gentle undulation unfolds itself into the reception area as well as the staff area containing 4 workstations. The undulation of the vertical fins creates a subtle play of light and shadow and crafts a visual identity for BabySteps.

The pantry and the lounge area are the two zones mutually designed for parents and teachers to interact. The pantry is a functionally layout kitchen with multi-colour cabinetry. It evokes a sense of fun and whimsical quality. The colours are derived from the same colour tones as the Babysteps logo. It connects with the visual identity of the playgroup while playfully interacts with the overall subtle monochromatic qualities of the interior space.

The Lounge for the parents is a sitting area made up of zig-zagging built-up platforms. Tucked neatly in its corner and against the ledge of the glass curtain wall and without intruding onto the children’s playzone, the lounge allows for a perfect viewing angle of the children.

Like a large open loft space for living and working, the interior fitout for Babysteps is a series of connected pedagogical functions laid out within the spirit of a fluid open space where play and learning intermingle into one experience. 

key: Bold and playful voids
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