Czech Modular Cafeteria Vizovice
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Design of modular building of canteen for KOMA company is based on two main thoughts. Create a visibly modular construction with accented modules not only in the exterior but also unity of internal disposition with 9 x 3 m modules. In addition, we used the canteen’s location within the company’s areal so the view through glazed side of the canteen is oriented towards the fabric creating generous views. Physical relaxations during lunch break is supported by the placement of the canteen within second floor, symbolically above ground where all the productions take place. In cooperation with client we have managed to increase the visit rate of canteen and therefore create new tradition among the employees to have a warm meal for lunch.

Location: Ricanska 1191, Vizovice, Czech Republic Year: 2013-14 Client: KOMA Modular Construction Program: canteen, changing rooms, facility Cost: 25 000 000 CZK Size:  450 m2 Status: implemented Team: Ondrej Chybik, Michal Kristof, Vojtech Kouril Photos: Simon Oberhofer, Marek Malusek, author’s archive

key: modules, modular architecture, dining house, facilities, canteen
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