UA Cine Times Cinema, Times Squa
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When thinking of the theme for this cinema, the designers want to trace back to the roots when filmmaking began. Back in the 19th century, photographers captured continual images and stored them on single compact reel of film. This ancient object – roll films, was being symbolized all over cinema, reminding the audience the long forgotten history behind the scene.

Splattered with black and white, designers use white as the main frame of the roll films, which is opposite to the usual black color. White background engulf the entire space, motioning itself smoothly along the wall of the building. Its flexibility reflects nature of roll films. Thin pieces of black stripes intercut white surface, resembling the breaking and reunifying of roll films, forming rectangles of different sizes and shapes.

LCD movie screens playing the latest trailers greet audience in the entrance, giving them news on the hottest movie trends. The edge of the table of the ticketing office bends smoothly along the ambient. The bending angles match those ‘roll films’ on the wall miraculously, which brings an extra dramatic vibe to the whole design.

Above head hangs special-designed LED spotlights of eight various lengths in black, ranging from 1-6m aiming at different directions. Light and shadows fulfil every corner; one might have mistaken it as the shooting spot of the newest film.

Down on the ground, the floor resolve to the original state of roll films, black being the principal color. Grey stripes cut the black space into different geometric shapes and sizes, contrary to the rectangles on the wall, giving the design a frolicsome note.

Inside the auditorium, spotlights of different lengths are directing all over the perimeter. They intersect along wall, which creates an additional multidimensional atmosphere, hoping to provide the movie goers a warm and comfy viewing environment.

key: Ancient object – roll films, was being symbolized all over cinema
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