Dental Clinic in Athens
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The aim was the creation of a fully configured and equipped space in medical terms, as well as a sensation of intimacy, calmness and hospitality by enhancing also the dynamic evolution of the company.

The separation of the individual functions, lead to the perimetric placement of the examination rooms and offices, while the core of the auxiliary spaces was created in the center (sterilization, wc, storage space). Circular movement was created, so that the circulation of the staff was facilitated.

The oaken furniture of the reception has a key role with its curved shape that leads you to the hallway of the examination rooms. Also dominant role plays the partition towards the conference room which allows the unification of the two spaces into an expanded room.

Aside from the distinctive placement of the medical rooms, the materials and the colors chosen also contributed into assigning a special character into each one of them. In the medical rooms white is the main color, in combination with an intense color for every examination room. In the reception, offices and conference rooms, warm materials and colors are mainly used, such as the wooden floor, the oaken reception furniture and the wooden blinds which are combined with terrestrial colors on the walls and furniture. The glass partition with the imprinted photograph, contributes towards a more intimate atmosphere and disconnects the space from the typical atmosphere of a dental clinic. Photos by K.Kontos

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