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„math for men”

GEOMETRY is for men, GEOMETRY is the design idea for a small concept store in berlin mitte with the shabby chic look starting to feel a little dated, plajer & franz studio surprised with a concept that was different and more sophisticated. the geometry store was transformed into the apartment of an idiosyncratic maths professor with a cultivated sense of proportion and housing a curiosity cabinet of items including photographs of skeletons photos and jackstraws lamps. 

the name geometry makes reference to the client’s study of mathematics and was the only guideline for plajer & franz studio when asked to develop a design concept. it is a small concept store with collections of fashion designers such as gaspard yurkievich, irie wash, Y3 and won hundred. accessories from john galliano are combined with home accessories from contemporary designers such as gijs bakker and arik levy.

with the shabby chic look of stores becoming quite tiresome, especially in berlin, plajer & franz studio’s intention was to create a new ambience. geometry wanted to surprise and thus implicates to be the apartment of a weird math professor with good taste.

the professor is not only obscure but also has a cultivated sense for proportions and moods. he is collecting all kinds of strange items l ike skeleton photos, lamps that look like jackstraws having to do with analyzing, exploring and counting. everything refers to the symmetry and asymmetry. still everything is very stylish – the mud-coloured wall, the dark wooden floor and the brushed white oak furniture and works well for a men`s concept store. despite of the unique atmosphere combined with homey elements like waiting areas with rugs and dna lamps the design is not playing with the impossible. all aspects of the retail architecture and the associated presentation of the merchandise are planned and implemented right down to the last detail.

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