Embryo Clinic
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Embryo Clinic is a hi-tech IVF Unit based in Thessaloniki, Greece. We were asked to design a space that would properly reflect the high-value, state of the art nature of the expertise and technology employed inside the—usually out of sight—laboratories, projecting an appropriately matching sense of reassurance and professionalism throughout. By making use of bright white, polished materials we decided to promote a minimally subtle aesthetic, to design a pure, unique and pristine environment for the visitors and staff.

Throughout the reception and visiting areas, the white spaces shift the attention towards the visiting couples, providing an ideal backdrop, whereas the curved lines enhance the sense of fluidity during an otherwise rigorous multi-step process. By taking into consideration the behavioral and psychological aspects of the patients, the materials employed, as well as the design principles, change in order to adapt to each specific need and respective mood. This becomes instantly apparent in the recovery room, where smoother, more tactile materials are used in combination with warmer colors to assist the swift physical and emotional recovery of the patient, while any hospital references are dialed down to a minimum. The use of hidden curtain rails aids the adaptability of the room, by individually separating each bed, depending on the use or needs. Similarly the sperm collection room, is designed as a surprisingly calm sanctuary, with its dark colors in sharp contrast with the rest of the clinical areas. The visitor here feels completely isolated from outside distractions, while every minute detail has been carefully integrated into the design in order to assure a dignified and private session. Lighting conditions are also a point of emphasis, adapting at will depending on the needs of each space, varying from the innovative lighting of the reception area to the atmospheric and soothing hues of the recovery room.

The materials and technological solutions employed for the clinical area insure the minimization of microbial growth, through the use of specialized membranes and surfaces for the corridors and epoxy resins for the floors. The operating theatre and laboratories are constructed with walls and ceilings made entirely of acrylic composite surfaces (Corian) so as to conform to a cleanroom's high standards, providing a no-maintenance, high quality environment.

For its innovative design and use of materials, Embryo Clinic was honoured with a Global Excellence Award by the International Interior Design Association, as Best of Category in Healthcare and a Special Mention at Architizer’s architecture A+ Awards.

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