Hong Kong Wetland Park
By Alex19-07-2012Popularity:60740 Comments

One of Hong Kong’s longest-planned and most ambitious tourist attractions has opened its doors: the Hong Kong Wetlands Park, masterplanned by London and Hong Kong-based design agency MET Studio, which has now become the world’s largest wetlands eco-park.  The new destination venue, which the Hong Kong government hopes will attract at least 500,000 visitors each year, is set within 145 acres of natural and landscaped wetlands, located on one of the most important avian migration routes in Asia, alongside Hong Kong’s Deep Bay.  On its first Sunday of opening, 17,000 visitors came through its doors, so it already looks likely to beat its target!  At its heart, semi-submerged below ground level at the approach side beneath a grass canopy roof, is the Park’s glass-fronted 90,000 sq ft Visitor Centre, designed by ArchSD (the Government's Architectural Services Department) and home to a dynamic range of galleries and attractions, all of which were designed by MET Studio, including a real peat swamp featuring live crocodiles.

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