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If you break up Greece, in the end, you will see that what is left is an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means: you can remake it if you have plenty of these.

This phrase by Odysseus Elytis inspired both the owners and the designing team of Minas Kosmidis in order to create a restaurant which will strongly remind the Aegean Sea of Greece.

The restaurant “Derlicious” is located in the Limassol Marine in Cyprus, in an idyllic place by the sea. The location itself, delimited the initial idea and somehow it completed it in an absolute way. The anchoring small and large boats mention insular scenery. As a result, the basic concept for a place that looks like Cyclades or the Aegean Sea was perfect for the environment.

The individual design gives a more realistic character and it gives the space both indoors and outdoors a Cycladic breeze. The colors like pure white blue sea and bright colors in furniture and construction is the first impression, but perhaps the most important. The materials are carefully selected without departing from the Aegean Sea climate, with references to islands that are located outside the Cyclades. Stone walls, tiled floors and white rough surfaces, are some of the materials used. The artworks were also very important by various artists, graphic designers, the carpenters, who gave their best shot by following the vision of the designing team. Old inscriptions from shops, traditional laces, and patterns influenced by the ancient time, impart flavor from Greece. Most importantly, in design terms, are the items, and special structures designed to serve the original idea.

Indoors and in a pretty center-point, a curved structure is placed, where a small dome and a bell are placed, element with references to the Aegean architecture. The “eye” decorating the dome is nothing more than a reminder of the traditions and customs of the most beautiful and the most bizarre country in the world.

Fragments of the Aegean Sea, and parts of Greece, connected and repositioned, with an innovative and modern way, by following the advice of Elytis, in order to rebuild Greece you only need few things as long as you know which.

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