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The cafe bar “Away” is in the small town of Komotini in northeast Greece.
The city of Komotini is almost isolated “Away”  from the major urban centers without airport, no harbor , alone at the center of the prefecture of Rodopi, built on an area below the level of the nearest sea , almost unnoticed when you cross it in the road.
Escape, from the everyday of the small provincial town, trips to different places, world politicians, “elf” and distant places, full of tension and mystery, and whatever else your imagination can create.
Escape far, far “Away” with every mean that can be used.
At the main entrance of “Away”, the bellboy awaits you having a trolley luggage in order to help you, to choose means and place for your travel.
The sign flashing “Away, get away” gets remarkable the long journey of our imagination.
Entering “Away” we encounter the heart, the center, the earth.
Multi-level prismatic volumes one inside the other, with reports of vacuum and full of the volume, from copper and iron, as unprocessed rock from the depths of the earth transform into common table.
Over them the two hemispheres of the earth and next to them is the starry vault of the universe, taking the form of lighting, while they are surrounded by metal rings, sometimes in the form of railway rails and sometimes in the form of highways .Over the vaults you meet symbolically means of transport.
Beside the center, the other sides -part coffee bar have each an independent fantasy but all with a common component, the escape.
The side where the bar is developed has the side of the ship, the sea, the container, the stacks and the nocturnal in tattoo on the wall of every sailor.
The entire roof and the visible mechanical features of the store ,  is painted in the colors of the sea , adding intensity and symbolism in the journey by boat .
Dolphins jump out through this surreal setting, with Renaissance forms. A container next to the bar  , like those of every port is transformed in a common table point with references to the new baroque and pop art.
On the other side and then formed the site of a lounge of PANAM, a small airport at an exotic destination that converses with the opposite side, where surfboards below the word hot component of fuming tag hotel, takes us to the aura of the destination.
In the hot side of the surfboard, and then of a second common table point is created . This time , with a background library of souvenirs and books and travel guides.

Directly above the two card postal’s stands fixtures where accept cards from all parts of the world are formed.

The whole scenery is completed with phrases of eminent people on the surfaces of concrete and visual communication standard column - label in New York.

In the basement the locker luggage is while in wc collage of luggage of any kind with the four cardinal points complement their surfaces. A large suitcase inside their masks sinks.

The moto … the flight is for our (la vol et a nous) - neon is remarkable for the descent and our ascent .... which is also ... through the secret paths of our minds ....

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