Dori Premiere shop
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The project was realised between 2011 and 2012 in Arona (NO), Italy. The goal was to locate a Dori store in an old building in the historic center of town. The area was carachterised by an irregular plan, which had to be regularised. The choice of Archiplan Studio was to locate a new wrapping. So the irregular plan of the area is recomposed with the introduction of this new wrapping which, warping the soil, is superimposed on the existing walls, so introducing a new geometry able to regulate and redefine the borders. The false ceiling adapts to the development of the perimeter walls, absorbing the irregularity of the space with two variable section side slits. The perspective axis generated both by the wrapping and the ceiling is completed by a neutral background on which images are projected to develop dynamicity within a regular and absolute space.The brushed oak is the only material used for the floor, the covering and the cash counter and it is meant as a neutral element conceived to bring out the displayed items. So the ground buckles up, turning into wall and becoming a container for the clothes, the screen at the back closes off the perspective while the moving images animate the space. 

key: historic
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