Sun Villa House
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A weekend house, located on one of the hills that create a border around the town of Yaruquí, which is noticeably developed by the new airport of Quito.

The hillside terrain with a dropping slope offers impressive views towards the Tababela Valley, with the City of Quito as a backdrop.

The lot is large, which allowed the dispersion of the program and enabled us to design a single leveled building, thus reducing costs. The project has a bar as axis and a satellite; The 21-meter-long bar distributes the program in a linear way, so that all spaces open onto a large porch facing the view and merging the interior with the exterior. At the same time, the horizontally placed bars provide a better adaption to the natural topography of the location. The satellite contains the covered parking lots and a large warehouse.

In this area of the Andes of Quito, it has been a tradition to build with the earth of the mountains, raw earth for the adobes or burned for bricks or tiles.

The color of the buildings in the landscape is therefore the same color as the soil. In order to maintain coherence with the surroundings, the brick was emptied and used as the fundamental raw material, which allowed to solve the details in many ways.

The structure is metallic, prefabricated in a workshop and assembled on site. The carpentries are also metallic, with a system of sliding and folding doors that shield the house, in order to protect it whenever uninhabited. It also performs as a large blind to shield the porch from the sun or, in certain times of the year, from the wind.

In short, it is a contemporary house that uses traditional resources, optimizes materials and allows an agile, cheap and sustainable construction over time.

The year of culmination of the construction of the project is in 2018.

Principle façade.

Relation of the project with the environment.

Entrance façade.

Semi closed façade, by the designed security doors.

Implantation in the natural environment.

Interior view.

Interior and external view of the project.

Back façade.

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