Natural breeze & lighting symphony
By Minh Quang18-02-2021Popularity:9440 Comments

The house locates in Nha Trang City–southern part of Central Vietnam. “ Natural breeze & lighting symphony “ is a Individual House project with site area is 104sqm, wide facade is only 6m.

The front of this house is in the west, so it is necessary to limit the hot sun into the house, create wind to cool the house. Create a cover to help the house obstructs the heat of the sun but still ensures ventilation and light for the house. Arrangement of many small glassed windows with many different sizes for this cover,60% of these windows can be opened, closed actively to get wind and lighting.

The house is designed with 3 stacked and staggered blocks to create wind,light running from the front to the back of house, which is also the main wind direction of this house. This solution help it has green areas create a natural integration (we call it a buffer) of the outdoor and indoor.

A combination of all above mentioned interventions give a clear solution to maximizing natural light, ventilation, from which the project will not use the lamp, reduce much air conditioning during the day. At night, the system uses energy saving LED. The air conditioner usage is the final option to deal with the heat when the outside environment is windless.

In Vietnam, people maximize the usage of the front to generate some income for family via opening family own shops or renting out the space so the city becomes suffocated; the roads lose its angle of view of the sky, green spaces. Our solution is to push back the front, beside, backside of the house to create some buffer zone, where a green space is set up. This narrow house gives up its terrace with a view to donating a green space for the urban.

The house while taking up natural land would pay back green spaces to nature. All of the trees used in the house are fruit trees.It is a common habit of the ancient Vietnamese that they alway have many fruit trees in the garden for their family. These trees are available locally and easy to find.

The house has been constructed using local basic materials,easy to find and cheap to buy. Compared with other houses of the same scale, the house costs much less, but the utility and benefits with which it provides the dwellers and the surrounding environment are considerable. It contributes to enhance the beauty and efficiency of the urban area.

The type of stone lined yard garden is used natural stone (4x6 blue stone which is commonly used in concrete mixing) easy to purchase at low cost from the local.

The city climate features with the equal distribution of rainfall in all seasons of the year, so it have the treatment system of rain, household waste water to recycle water for the house plant watering.

The project has been finished and used in 12 months, the monthly electricity bill is around $ 8 to $ 10 which cut off haft of the bill comparing to many homes with the same size and number of people in Vietnam.

Nha Trang is one of the biggest tourism spot of Vietnam, with huge potential to transform it into a Homestay for tourists or running other services like restaurant, cafe...    

key: design, architecture
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