204 House
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The house locates in Nha Trang City–southern part of Central Vietnam. “204 House” is a Individual House project with site area is 117sqm, wide facade is 6m.

The house is close to a noisy environment,densely populated area and many polluted emissions from motor vehicles with very large volumes in Nha Trang city-a typical environment existing in urban areas of Vietnam. There are many narrow house in this area,or in this city in particular and in Vietnam in general,

always lack of natural light, use a lot of lighting and air conditioning systems. Hence,those projects have created a consequence of consumption of electricity;heat radiation and energy sources discharged into the environment are enormous.

Therefore, the house is designed in such a way that it makes use of natural wind,light so it does not need artificial lighting during daytime, as well as air-conditioning. At night,it is lighted using Led bulbs,which are economical in electricity. It also takes advantage of clean wastewater and recycled rain water to water the green plants. Thus,the house minimizes to a great extent its waste to the environment. It economizes and takes advantage of natural energy to the fullest.

In Vietnam,people maximize the usage of the front to generate some income for family via opening family own shops or renting out the space so the city becomes suffocated; the roads lose its angle of view of the sky,green spaces. With solutions of stepping backward in the front in order to create a buffer for the house filling with green spaces,the house has given back the green to the urban.

The house while taking up natural land would pay back green spaces to nature. The green plants in the structure are vegetables or herbs,good for health and easy to be processed. The plants are easy to find locally. Apart from being useful for the house dwellers, the plants also contribute to improve the micro-weather. And on that basis, this creates a balance and sustainability in the relationship between human, the architectural structure and the surrounding environment.

The living spaces, the  openings with lots of natural lighting between floors,the wind and the  green trees are arranged smoothly spreading inside the house (all rooms have 2 openings between floors, green trees on both sides), together with glassed sliding door system The space is connected tightly together, but still  can provide full privacy when necessary.

The house has been constructed using local basic materials,easy to find and cheap to buy. Compared with other houses of the same scale,the house costs much less,but the utility and benefits with which it provides the dwellers and the surrounding environment are considerable.  It contributes to enhance the beauty and efficiency of the urban area.

key: architecture
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