Sophie Palace 2
By Agnes12-02-2021Popularity:7680 Comments

I get my inspiration from all over the places, different cultures, countries,, also the nature and the everyday life plays a huge role in my designs. This Apartment Hotel has been named after my daughter, Szofi and the name of the are where it takes place, that is how the name Szofi Palace came.

My daughter has not only inspired me for the name, but also to the design, as the lobby has a very youthful, bright and colorful design. 

Color is a powerful way to tell a story, convey emotions. I used Neo-Mint as one of the main colors, its fresh, clean and soft.

Neo-mint fits right in with the other muted candy colours, it also pairs beautifully with pink which is still hugely popular and shows no sign of going away. Just with a little touch of black and grey, it immediately gets more attractive. 

Gold and brass exudes luxury and success. 

The giraffe lamp is very unique, the whole spaces gets a different vibe because of it, the candy coloured upholstery and the Gucci wallpaper brings a smile in any someone’s face , so I tried to fill the room with as many of these elements as possible. A room should awaken the senses. I grow up in a small village, I spent my childhood in the countryside running free in the nature, which means effortless beauty for me, so I tried to bring with the flower wallpaper a little nature inside the room.

key: luxury, modern, apartment hotel
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