Sophie Palace 1
By Agnes12-02-2021Popularity:8950 Comments

This project is an 83 room Apartment Hotel.

Which was inspired by numerous things, as my daughter Szofi, that is where the name came from, it is located in the heart of Budapest. Just as this project takes place in my heart, it is very meaningful for me. many sentimental details can be recognised, for example the lion symbol, my daughter was born under the Leo sun Sign, and the eyes of the Leo are rose which is her favourite color. 

The hexagon flooring came from my father, as back in the days he was a beekeeper, as you can see, I get my inspiration from all over the places, every small detail, evolves my design, makes it unique.  In the middle of the lobby, I have designed a tree, as the trunk of the tree symbolizes the strength that lies within a tree.  The branches of the tree symbolize family and home. The four elements are to be found in the tree: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

This design has many different patterns and colors, these make the space very interesting and its very eye catching. 

key: luxury, Apartment hotel, modern
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