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The Palafolls bus station is both a shelter as well as an extravagant experience inviting to observe the surroundings through the multilayered perspectives while waiting for the transportation.

A series of windows are placed randomly, as if they had been driven by the wind. They provide shelter at the very point where the wideness of the countryside meets the warily protection of the village.

The windows are folded up and organized over a metal structure, in equilibrium, conceiving a new place to stay space, to wait for the bus, to read, to rest or to find you gathered with the neighboring community observing the sky under the safeguarding windows.

The bus stop is composed by a principal steel structure formed by two beams crossing on floor plan. Windows as well as the metal structures support each by delicately balancing each other out. The wooden frames over the steel beams in different shape protect the people from rain and sun and during the night they light up remembering us the image of an illuminated window in the middle of the country field.

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