Canal House
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Situated along the historic "Unseco protected" Oudegracht. Sits this 17th century canal town house with monumental facade, high windows and historical details. Thanks to the implementation of a total transformation, the house has been changed into a spacious modern mansion with an oasis of daylight. A spacious interior void with a steel staircase and oak wooden step provides a connection between the floors and brings daylight through the entire house. The handmade glass chandelier in combination with the oxidized metal wall finish emphasizes this connection and creates a contemporary luxurious look. By finishing the walls and ceilings in soft tone white, the peace is preserved and attention is paid to the furnishings and the historical details that give the house character. The result is timeless luxury, with a balance between the historical identity of the house and the personality of the residents.

View of the kitchen and stairscase from the ground floor

Floor plans

Dining table on the ground floor

View from the front overlooking the dining and kitchen area

Large windows and a floorwindow showcasing the hiddden wharf cellar

Detail of the pendant lamp made from goose feathers

Bespoke made shelves in the centre of the room

Historical detail brought back

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