Joe Lalli Narada Resort Hotel, Moganshan, China
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This building is the main hotel facility for a leisure resort located in beautiful Moganshan mountains close to Hangzhou and within 1 hour travel distance of Shanghai. The 14,500m2 building houses reception, banqueting and conference rooms, with restaurants and bars on upper levels. 50 guestrooms are incorporated into the plan together with all necessary guest facilities. Basement accommodates the back of the house facility for the whole resort. The form and the natural materials of the building concept aim to capture the character of the beautiful natural environment of Moganshan and with its exterior massing and interior sensitively express the of the image of rain clouds and waterfalls over the mountains.  The important aspect of the design is the intimate relationship between the external form and visual character of the building and it’s interior, designed by Hong Kong based interior design studio STYLUS.  The design concept closely follows Martin’s design philosophy of ‘Sensitive’ design, taking into account not only the rational design factors, but also feelings and emotional response to the local context and the beauty of the natural environment. 

View of the ballroom entrance. Photo credit Arch-exist

Drone bird view Photo Credit JADE+QA

Drone bird view Photo Credit JADE+QA

Drone bird view Photo Credit JADE+QA

Ballroom entrance waterfall Photo Credit JADE+QA

Main entrance Photo Credit JADE+QA

Main entrance night Photo Credit JADE+QA

Ballroom entrance - night Photo Credit JADE+QA

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