Forrest Library
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The Forrest Library is an integral part of a new $16 million senior school complex that is welcoming and user-centred. With IT centre, 27 classrooms, student café, staff areas, Gifted Education, Curriculum Support and Uniform Shop, it forms a cluster of contemporary streamlined buildings linked by covered colonnades and landscaped patios, creating a cohesive campus. Designed to a clean and timeless aesthetic, the Library is a dynamic building with curved forms that pop out, expressed as objects. They are fully glazed and set behind terracotta louvres. Other forms are rectilinear and recessed behind vertical and horizontal louvres or precast concrete collonades. Window walls provide natural light throughout and are recessed behind vertical and horizontal louvres or precast concrete colonnades for passive solar control without restricting views of the leafy grounds. Selection of materials and detailing demonstrate craftsmanship and quality. The Library is a flexible learning space that promotes the future, less traditional, direction of education. It fires inspiration and imagination, catering for students, parents and teachers as a place of knowledge, activity and community.

The design displays empathy with individual learning styles, understanding of the gamut of teaching scenarios, and sensitivity to senior school student culture. The extensive enclosed courtyard is suited to informal social events, suggestsing learning and social opportunities from giant chess tournaments to philosophy forums to ad hoc music sessions. The contemporary buildings are arranged to a structural gridded armature that establishes both overall scale and relationship to the senior school environment.

Their overall image creates a fresh focus whilst integrating with the existing fabric and landscape. Selection of design and materials has ensured the contemporary campus fits flawlessly with the adjoining brick dining hall and the traditional two-level administration building. Colonnades connect the new buildings and extend to existing structures and the senior school quadrangle. The Forrest Library is the first library in Western Australia to incorporate RFID (remote radio frequency book identification) technology. Acoustic and environmental management techniques were employed to control sound transmission: diverse student groups use the space simultaneously without disturbance.

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