Art village ARENA
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The art village ARENA is taking place in Utique, more to the west than the east where the large preserved archeological area is located, close to Tunis, Tunisia.
Placed in the heart of the future art village, the ARENA will be a place where local & renowned artists could meet & exchange with visitors; it’s also a place where you could enjoy concert & open-air events.
The area’s materials, colors and landscape inspire the building.
 The project is discreetly set into the sensitive nature, oriented towards the landscape.
The bleachers are placed orthogonal to the level curves of the site hill. With an interesting “Mobius” shape; the façade for an indoor event hall is drawn.   
This ‘Mobius’ shape reunite the both indoor and outdoor event spaces and provide the both audiences with the stunning view towards the lake. The building becomes a subtle yet distinctive structure that respects its surroundings.
At the same time, it stands proud and visibly in the landscape with a unique architectural identity, creating a new iconic land mark.
The building tectonics follow the rugged landscape, creating two floor plans, with a double high room facing the lake.
As a real social hub, the art village ARENA is brought as an activator inspired from the city life into an agriculture site.
Inside, flexible rooms provide space for meeting, workshops, exhibitions and market stands in aims to be part of the evrydaylife in the village.
Terraced landscaping offers informal recreational space in the landscape, as well as intuitive wayfinding on the outside of the building towards the main entry or the café.

key: Making of architecture
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