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"roseroc" is created to function as an employee cafeteria as well as an employee activity hall with catering functions. The 
major sectors of this company are the manufacturing of cables and catheters for medial purposes and the "roseroc"  is b-
uilt in the premises of those factories. "roseroc" needed to function mainly for 3 major purposes - as an employee cafete-
ria where they can spend their lunch break hours comfortably and feeling refreshed after dedicating a lot of their time  manufacturing cables and catheters in the cleanroom, then, as a multiple purpose space where employees can use the a-
rea for meetings, activities for recreation purposes and so on, and lastly, as a symbolic icon of the company who is eager 
to penetrate into the international market.
Considering that the area provided for "roseroc" was a vacant lot in thepremises for factories,we were quite fortunate th-
at there already weretall tress growing and we could utilize the landscape of a mountain located just outside the area. To 
make a full use of this naturalenvironment that this area already had when we started planning thenecessary facilities,u-
tilities and appliances,we have decided create a long and continuing wall which starts from the outside,then involves th-
e outside ("soto") garden then to the rooms and other facilities inside,and ends when the wall reaches inside ("uchi").This 
single,long and continuing wall reflects an image of many employees of the company who move towards their goals in a 
big stream and the future vision of the company where everything and everyone is involved and becomes "one team".
This 450áu single-story building with 15M x15M main banquet hall, which can accommodate up to 250 people during th-
e lunch hours, has one single wall and the wall connects all of the  facilities such as a counter style private room, kitche-
n space,VIP rooms and two courtyards. By making openings to the wall, we have tried to create the atmosphere that eac-
h space is continuously related.We wanted to have large openings which connect each facility yet do not destroy the pro-
file of "one single wall" and in order to realize that, we have decided to have openings with triangle shape.Openings on t-
he outer periphery wall have scalene triangle shape and openings in the Banquet 01 room have right-angled triangle sha-
pe which are pointing upwards. They are designed to go along with the diagonal lines of the banquet room aiming to sho-
w the direction that goes outer area the strong presence of the wall itself. Looking at the construction aspects, we planne-
d to have large trusses made for the shape of each openings to make a long wall for the building. Consequently, hardly a-
ny perpendicular pillar was made thus we have proceeded the construction using steel-form support and made sure of th-
e sufficient rigidity when the whole segments were set and concrete.
On inside and outside walls, we randomly laid 5 different styles of brick tiles we originally designed. By making 40mm jo-
ints for 60mm hight bricks, we have tried to make a strong impression of horizontal lines in order to express that walls h-
ave a kind of continuity.There is not a single brick looks the same as these bricks come in 5 different designs and often h-
ave deformation during the firing. And this ÅhVariety in HarmonyÅh contribute to create a large surface.  And again, this br-
ick wall represents the concept of the company where employees with all different characters get together to create and 
achieve big objectives.

key: Architecture: Masaaki Okuno Photography: Satoshi Asakawa
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