Living set in the garden
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Set = Assembling of living units into a functional unit. 

Additive spatial concept.

 The result of the assignment is the extension of an older family house into the garden in its northern part. The annex is made up of boxes shaped according to the purpose of the room and assembled with the respect to the existing greenery of the garden and to the visible spacing and shading of the neighbouring plots. The structure of the set creates smaller, partial outdoor spaces with different uses and light conditions: eastern intimate with a thermal pool, a western terrace connected with the dining room, a decorative garden in the north with a pond and the view from the living room, a roof garden in front of the bedroom.

The set is a wooden structure made of glulams. Lightweight wooden construction is based on steel ground screws, subtle needles with minimal earthwork and without concrete work. The whole skeleton construction, walls, partitions, ceilings, floors are built of spruce glulams. For built-in furniture are used glulam boards.Thermal insulation with low energy parameters is made of wood wool in combination with a ventilated facade. Thanks to this, the whole composition is diffused open without steam-proof membrane. The calculated heat transfer coefficient of the perimeter structure is U = 0.16W / m2K. In the low-energy standard of the house there are also wooden windows with insulating triple glazing. Cement-fiber natural strips of the facade give the whole-wood construction of the house fire resistance with a minimal distance to neighbouring houses, therefore a wooden house could have been built in a small plot.


living room


dinning room





key: wood
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