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Krush-It is not a mainstream fitness club. It is a club for those who train in an extreme and intense way. The explored interior design is focused on a relationship between the expected and the unpredictable.

The architectural volumetry, the materials, the textures, the graphic elements and the messages reflect the provocative attitude of the club: strength and exclusivity. This approach aims to amaze and incite the audience of the gym.

The challenge of this project and the main goal was to design a gym to look as unique as possible while keeping a low budget and still a stylish appearance. By responding imaginatively to the task, we tried to use modest materials in new ways resulting in a space with an industrial look yet luxurious in some details.

Functionally we were constrained to develop a layout within 290m² in an existing retail space to accommodate a dual studio fitness concept. In each studio there is one essential activity: functional training divided into several training stations in a single room (Panic Room), and a studio for Spinning classes (Stress Room) with an amphitheater disposition, with loud music and flashy images. Moreover, the changing rooms, a sales corner and a lounge area define the other areas.

In terms of materials, all the walls were built in concrete blocks, most of the time left uncovered, while for the floor covering recycled rubber tire grain was the option for the Panic Room, because of its impact absorption capacity and noise reduction ability, while in the rest of the areas concrete was poured in the floor.

To emphasize the reception, the lounge and the dressing rooms entrance, glossy square tiles were used enhancing the contrast between the surrounding materials. In the Stress Room a double inverted amphitheater was designed to allow the instructor and the XL screen to be seen by the gym-goers. The space was all painted in black, while the RGB led strip changes the mood of the studio and highlights the space shape.

The reception area and the circulation is lit by vertical industrial light fittings framed by distended metal sheet, taking advantage of the ceiling height, which add a distinct underground atmosphere whilst complimenting the overall gym design.

The dressing rooms are suffix in space and echo the same industrial feel of the rest of the gym, given by the concrete blocks and pavement, the metal shiny lockers and the natural wood bench. However the black glass doors in the showers and toilets, the shiny black tiles and the black utilities add the needed glamour to the space.


All materials are controlled cost solutions but applied in a distinctive way. Using mainly a color scheme from gray to black and different material textures we managed to give more or less roughness to the space feeling.

The graphic language aims to be elegant but also disruptive, can be obvious or concealed, it gives an extra layer to all the space atmosphere, putting the right tone into the gym message.

The main entrance of the gym with a view for the lounge and reception.

The main entrance of the gym with a view for the lounge and reception.

Detail of the reception background wall, where different materials dialogue adding texture, shining effects and complexity with in the space harmony.

View of the gym entrance and lounge area, where the gym logo and the Chesterfield couch play an important role adding glamour to the space vibe.

Relation between the lounge and the main corridor, with emphases in the lightning structure.

The main corridor connects all the spaces and it as a special lightning design.

The Panic Room studio entrance. The graphic elements are embed in the project atmosphere.

Inside view from the Panic Room, a studio for intense training.

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