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Trustly´s playful soul – let it show!



A welcoming microcosmos


Trustly is a young and fast growing Fin Tech company, based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Having outgrown their space, the move in 2015 was an opportunity to employ more people and develop the sense of community and friendliness that had become a signature and an essential part of the company´s success.


The client´s brief for the design was to manifest an enthusiasm for innovation and stimulate creativity. Also, it needed to serve as a meeting spot for partners and clients; a place to feel comfortable in as well as being encouraging for ideas to grow and take shape.

The approach was to smoothly integrate high professionalism with relaxed socializing, such as breakfasts and after work gatherings. All this is important where competition is high both in keeping staff and recruiting the best new people.


The new office is located on the top levels of a building right in the middle of Stockholm. The space occupies two floors, each one with terrace space.  The floors are combined by an internal staircase.

One enters on level 7. The reception immediately gives off that you´re allowed to stretch your imagination in this company – there´s a bespoke steel construction making some direct impression with a swing and lighting tied around it. The reception desk is copper clad and there´s a green plant wall as you turn into the passage for the meeting rooms. Six meeting rooms in a row, totally glazed with different colour schemes run together like a rainbow.

The rest of the floor holds a few internal meeting rooms but mainly open space office, broken up with a variety of alternative work places, like project hot desks, soft seating meeting spots etc.

The 8th floor is reached by the internal staircase. This is housed in a totally copper clad enclosure, lit by an LED-strip running along the top.  This floor is the heart of the company - the work space for the soft wear developers. It sports sit/stand desks and is completed by a fully equipped game room with consoles and robot shoes, beany bags and soft astro turf flooring.


The other half of the floor is for socializing. Again – taking things always a step further; the bar is a true bar, also copper clad, the music system is better than the club next door and the terrace running around the whole floor is all in with deck chairs and astro turf, lighting and a bar.



The interior design is sober with playful elements. Professional but fun.  We decided early on to make copper cladding a strong visual feature in the space – it is both elegant, unexpected and has a genuine feel to it.

The basic palette is subtle; grey, black and copper. Dark steel rods make up bespoke pieces and furniture and is combined with plants, wood, glass and leather. Polished surfaces stand against raw ones and add a tactile character.

In contrast, the meeting rooms, the game room and the terraces stand out as colourful oasis´s.




Architect: pS Arkitektur Head architect: Peter Sahlin Project architect: Lina Mezquida Forsnacke Assisting architects: Oliver Söderlund, Pelle Beckman Lighting designer: Beata Denton Photographer: Jason Strong


Year: 2015

Kvm: 1350 kvm

Number of employees: 100

The Trustly atmosphere has become synonym with the company. A key challenge was to keep the friendly family feeling and informality from early days, as the company grew. Breakfast with the team is encouraged by making the space somewhere you love hanging out. The dining / bar /social hang out had to be inviting and generous. Lots of space to keep food and drinks and smart kitchen planning that allows for good cooking and preparation of meals.

The bar area is also equipped with mega good sound system, for evening gettogethers and parties.


Any inventor can certify how important play end letting loose is for creativity. So there´s room for that as well. There´s a game room with consoles and robot shoes. And the design encourages you to let your brain leave work for a bit.


The colourful terrace is a main feature, with astro turf matting and a boule course. It holds relaxing deck chairs and beany bags and is inviting to stay on and enjoy the nice summer evenings with your colleagues. The outside bar and exterior lights adds to the atmosphere.

The professionalism and workspace is of course as important. The devil´s in the details. The IT and workspace had to be top class. Sit/stand desks goes without saying in most Swedish offices. Healthy staff is the main basis for a successful company. And IT simply had to work! Not only function, but be accessible in all parts of the office. There´s a variety of workplaces and one chooses one that suits the task at hand best – all equipped with a screen and wireless wi-fi. In addition to desks you can work by hot desks, alone or with colleagues. You can work by the dining table.

For concentration or calls or meetings there are small rooms and larger meeting rooms.

Being a company relying on forefront innovation, the importance of standing out and trust a strong idea is all important. This enthusiasm encouraged us to go all the way with copper as a favorite material. We took it to its extreme and clad the bar with it, as well as the walls of the internal staircase, reception and followed through with copper coloured light fixtures by Tom Dixon.

Receptions desk:

Three seconds – that´s how quickly the brain registers and formulates an impression when entering a new space. We wanted to convey The Essential Trustly straight away. Hence the reception desk needed to be unexpected and yet trustworthy – the copper cladding is Very Trustly in that sense. Soft lighting makes you feel at home, the swing tells a story of enjoying doing things in a different way and the green wall symbolizes genuine values and care. It´s fun but elegant.

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