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Orproject is interested in the feasible and economic construction of complex and double-curved geometries. The prohibitive cost of molds however often renders the use of double curved elements unsustainable for projects which need to remain commercially viable. With Sahya, Orproject therefore explored the possibilities and variation which can be achieved by only utilizing one single mold.

Facade System

All 200 panels of Sahya are double curved and have been formed from the same mold, and more than 50% of the panels are identical. The remaining panels are smaller segments which have been cut from the full panels. By arranging the panels in several parallel layers, the system allows for a large amount of variation in the resulting overlay as an aluminium facade system. The possibilities to create varying openings and shadow patterns can be used to generate a perforated lattice screen.

Structural System

Sahya is the further development in three dimensions of Orproject's previous installation Anisotropia, which was built for the National Museum of China. In their three-dimensional implementation though, the panels now also start to form a load-bearing structural system which enables free standing applications without additional support systems.

Shading Pavilions

With the structural as well as the shading properties, Orproject is working on a pavilion for a hot climate, for which Sahya has been constructed as the initial prototype. The pavilion will protect from the sun and provide a comfortable outdoor environment. The variations in the wall translucencies are used to control the views and to generate continuously evolving shadow patterns, while the curved elements evoke associations of waves and cooling water.

Sahya has been constructed for the Venice Biennale 2016 and was on show at Palazzo Mora.


Top view

Top view

Side view

Side view


Back view

Front view

key: panel, facade discrete geometry, pattern
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