Valletta SU29 Boutique Hotel
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“Never judge a book by its cover” wise words to live by when seeing the development this property went through. Our task appointed by our client was to change and transform a property situated on Saint Ursula Steps in Valletta from rags to riches. The main building consisted of 5 floors, whilst a metal and glass contemporary dual annex was later approved on the top floors. This volume gave us enough space to change this property into 8 large, luxury suites with ancillary facilities required for a no ordinary boutique hotel. The annex design gave a turning point to this building and above all the beauty of understanding what came and left from the past and today’s engineering capabilities toward contemporary architecture and what will be left for the future. In less than 11 months our design and project management team coordinated back to back contractors to bring to life a drab and shabby multiple slam residences to one filled with life, added value and colour. The yellow and black colour palette opted for was deliberate, the black shade signifies the dark past the residence lived through, to a shade more colourful which marks a more joyous, exuberant revival of the residence.The main features from the old building were restored and persevered to enable us to show the contrast in our concept towards finishing each and individual designed guest room. We chose black and yellow as our predominant colour scheme to treat walls and ceilings and pass them over to the branding company to get a holistic concept between architecture, interiors and the branding of SU29. Rich materials had to be selected, proposed and sourced, to distinguish the architectures’ previous scope and the luxury required to keep up with our modern aspiration; Creating individually designed suites, enriched with the character of local culture, inspired by the lifestyle of modern luxury traveller. We chose, a selected range of materials and designer furniture as common factor to all the spaces, predominantly being Callacata and Nero Marquina marbles, carved Carrara sinks and shower trays, micro topping wall treatments, black stained oak and walnut bespoke woodwork; Valletta themed frosted glazing; white washed walls with yellow feature walls, and black ceilings and walls. Added valued was injected to each space through a selection of kitsch designer pieces to emphasise sharpness, luxury and a warm ambience. This was required in addition to the soft furnishings as most suites cover more than 45 square meters of floor space: All these elements along warm lighting, gives each and every space with in this building a relaxing and luxury mood. The Ground and intermediated space were planned to host the reception, lounge and breakfast areas. We were luckily enough that these spaces had double volume areas. Thus giving the limited width of the site and narrow hallway; this enabled us to venture and create an interior design deemed fit to invite visitors within the volume. the old features of simple structural stone arches and flag stone ceilings, found upon taking on the project helped us to dignify the existing architecture by filling in these double volumes with onyx marble back lit reception come bar, ‘Ferro Battuto’ french doors and a framed triple volume glass window overlooking a small courtyard using it’s double walled thickness to house a two sided wine cellar chiller. All this comes with the installation of raw metal bridge construction leading guests to a discreet and wooden planked floor lounge area . No elaborate words can describe the transformation of this property with a mere 4 feet entrance, apart than experiencing each and every detail first hand. The adequate use of materials for each and every specific function applied to contrast the original poor architecture found and the contemporary annex was a one off canvas we feel proud working on. A real design challenge; the end result a live-in museum experience of industrial design; lifestyle and fashion.

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