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The project is the restoration of an existing night club, making the general area the most impressive element of this place. Creating a grid of hexagons with integrated lighting in each element projecting different sets of lights and ambiences in sync with the music. The facade is a combination of more restrained geometric volumes compared to the interior, creating a mystery of the elements within itself. The entrance serves as a transition between the facade and the general area. Multiple panels with organic movement were designed to create a three-dimensional and infinite effect with mirrors at the ends, playing with indirect lighting that plays an important role in giving more depth and movement to the space. In the restroom area the lighting continues as part of the design by creating a space with an effect of a starry sky and reflections due to the mirrors and glass mosaics in front of the sinks. A golden lamp with a framing of diameter of 3 meters acts as the main element of the bar area. Three-dimensional mosaics are used to continue the concept that has been applied at the facade, the entrance and general area. A tapestry with organic lines has also been used to create a certain room depth, framing the rear exit with green foliage that creates contrast between the curved and angular elements of this space.

VIP area is a mix of textures and colors. Its a more private space with a nice view to the main floor.

Restrooms are more simple, we play more with the light and reflection.

The restroom reception is a full wall of lights to continue with the infinity theme and to make it feel a more cozy space.

The bar has a protagonist lamp made of steel, giving a remarkable accent to the space, we also play with 3D objects like the wallpaper and the bar.

The main floor is the most dramatic space, creating a 3D effect with the hexagons making a game of depths with the lights.

The entrance is an infinity effect of waves created with wood panels, creating a fanatics sensation before you enter the main floor.

The facade is more simple and clean lines, pretending sobriety before entering the night club full of design elements and lights.

key: nightclub light TAMENarq TAMEN geometry geometric hexagonal 3D infinity modern space bar restaurant design architecture interior
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