Aupark Shopping Centre
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Obermeyer Helika took over the concept and designed new multifunction Aupark Center as a business, service and entertainment centre, completed with office and living space, in a 6-storey building that is the logical corner of the Gočárova Blvd..

Facade design is based on the divergent character of the surrounding streets. The southern bondage facade with lighted slopes is inspired by the shadows falling on the facade from the adjoining chestnut avenue located in Gočárova Blvd.. This element helps the Centre blend better with the scenic natural backdrop. The wading facade Puškinova St with its vast residential development is in the form of coloured glass cladding with an illuminated display case. The facade with its shape and courageous coloring symbolizes the dynamics of street life, which is important connection between Gočárova Blvd. and the railway station. The influence of hitherto neglected areas adjacent to the train station is the most apparent in the industrial character of Zamenhofova Street. This feature is reflected in the design of the facades facing in this direction, i.e. a contact plaster facade on which metal frames are installed.

The Aupark interior intentionally contrasts with the exterior variability of the building, unifying the interior space into a lively shopping arcade. The inner space is strongly illuminated and also offers a large dining section.

Easy accessibility with respect to the adjacent railway station is supported by a sufficient number of visitor parking capacities in the basement of the center and in the adjoining parking house, which in part fulfills the P + R function. Both buildings represent one functional unit, connected on two floors with barrier-free corridor.

Business, service and entertainment centre Aupark.

key: multifunction centre, shopping mall, bondage facade
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