The Loop
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“The Loop” is Swire Properties’ first-ever, sustainable development exhibition centre. Located in the heart of Taikoo Place, this interactive space aims to increase environmental awareness and encourage Taikoo Place tenants and the wider community to incorporate sustainable practices into their business operations and their everyday lives. The well-known recycling phrase “close the loop”, which refers to the principle that all resources can be recycled and reused, inspired the name “The Loop”. 

Located inside Devon House and spanning 4,000 sq ft, the project comprises of three main areas: an entry lobby at Devon House which merges into secondly, an experiential corridor and finally the main open display courtyard with recycling facilities.

The design uses a limited palette of materials, such as recycled timber veneer, recycled material terrazzo flooring, each of which was carefully selected to tell a story and provide a continuous theme for the visitors.

Section Plan

Floor Plan

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