Bairro Alto Blues
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Our client owns a beautifull old and tiny T2 apartment at Rua da Atalaia located in the heart of “Bairro Alto”*. The house dates from the 18th century and its 60 m2 are divided in very little and curious rooms.


The client chalenge was to create a cool environment and asked us to preserve the apartment features as much as we could. We did some up to date lifting in the kitchen as well as in the bathrooms.


We developed a project taking in consideration its original features using a white and blue color palette


filled with a confortable style atmosphere with the adequate materials, colors and items to fit in the apartment size and style.


8 weeks was the time taken from idea to project and final implementation. We loved “to make room for hapiness” at Rua da Atalaia. So did the client.


The end result was a renewed beautiful and confortable apartment called “Bairro Alto Blues”.

key: apartment cool beautiful
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