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“Crocus” is a dramatic focal point for the City of Taichung, Taiwan.  Rising 41’ above the intersection of two parks on the central axis of Taichung’s new City Center, “Crocus” is visible from the City Hall, the Opera House, and the many residential towers surrounding the site.  Utilizing imagery of the first flower to emerge each spring, “Crocus” symbolizes the emergence of Taichung itself.  The sculpture emerges from two levels of parking below the parks, surrounds a viewing platform, and unfolds upward like an enormous blossom.

During the day, light plays off polished surfaces of stainless steel and laminated glass. Carefully placed LED lighting dramatically illuminates the sculpture at night.  

Aerial Overview.

Eye level view with City Hall in background.

Aerial view showing spiral ramp to parking below

Night view.

Day view.

Detail with ramp.

Glassy details.

Rich colors projected into the interior

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