Nordic Home Data
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Our clients, a couple with 2 children, moved into their new T7 Villa and just right after they settled decided to invite some friends for a welcome lunch.


One of these friends who was also an Atelier client advised them to visit our site. Some time after they call us for a metting.


In our first visit to Murches, a small village near Sintra**, we discovered a beautiful villa with a great potencial. The interior design style was too dark to a house with such characteristics.


We managed to convince the client to do a full house makeover.


Their references were the cool and relaxing ambiences that the client caught in some projects in the atelier site.


5 weeks was the time taken from scrath ideas to the interior design project and final implementation.


The end result was a simple and comfortable scandinavian style apartment based on soft wood tones, cool colors and craft materials concerning materials, fabrics, furniture and decorative items.


The fantastic natural light increases the “light atmosphere” of this house. Another happy end result for all of us, both client and the Atelier team, enhancing a cool and relaxing living confort style inside and outside the villa.


All this led to the final concept and Project name – “Nordic Home”.

key: simple comfortable
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