UNIQ Staromestska Offices
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UNIQ Staromestska is an exclusive ‘boutique’ office building in the historic heart of the capital.The scheme completes the missing corner of a city block, responding sensitively to its immediate urban context.

The building form is simple and efficient, maximizing floor plate efficiencies. The “bull nose” rounded corners in plan create a distinctive character within the urban grain, offering impressive views, whilst minimizing the loss of natural daylight to the surrounding neighbors. The top floor is set back in response to the height and massing of adjacent developments.

Features, amenities and services offered to the workers 

The exclusive location in the heart of Bratislava Old Town offers offers a wide variety of bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as unbeatable view of Bratislava Castle, the historical center and the dramatic backdrop of the Malé Karpaty or Little Carpathian mountain range.

The scheme has three underground garages with the capacity of 138 parking places, as well as reserved parking places for bicycles and mopeds which have direct access to the locker room and showers facilities.

The reception desk with a cafe bar will provide concierge services for the tenants. A further 917 sqm of commercial spaces will provide additional shops and services.

A large landscapedroof terrace will be available to all tenants. 

Architectural qualities

The solution executed for this project sets a new benchmark for quality of office design within the City of Bratislava. While being located in a historic setting the building merges with the urban grain to provide an elegant and contemporary architectural response. Using sleek modern materials the façades are cleverly conceived to give a fully glazed appearance while concealing the necessities of local fire and building codes – the requirement for an 800 mm solid up-stand at each floor. The curvilinear forms are enhanced by staggered glazed panels and augmented with varying depth, champagne colored, louvre blades to provide an element of shading while alleviating the potential for any construction misalignements. These elegant solutions produce a serene quality to the architecture while creating a truly 21st Century addition to the City of Bratislava.

Environmental qualities

UNIQ Staromestská received a Gold Level American LEED certificate (certification awaited).

Environmental impacts wereminimizedduring construction by measures intended to reduce dust levels, sedimentation and erosion. The quantities and types of generated waste were monitored and waste materials were separated directly on the construction site and then recycled. Construction materials were also monitored. 

The project is centrally located with excellent public transit connections. Users are provided with safely-located bicycle stands, showers and electric vehicle charging stations. Underground parking has priority parking spaces for low emission vehicles. Green roofs and terraces improve the insulation properties of the roof structures with respect to cooling and provide additional amenity space for users. The landscaping makes extensive use of drought-resistant greenery that do not require specific watering. The selected roofing materials, with the exception of the landscaping, reflect more than 78% of sunlight, significantly reducing heat build-up within the building. Low-flow plumbing fixtures and furnishings are also installed in the building. The project includes high efficiency HVAC equipment.

The lighting systems in the office spaces and shading systems on the building’s façade are automated. The building management system provides the detailed monitoring of the building's energy usage.


UNIQ Staromestska has been described by critics as the best modern building to be produced in Bratislava for years. The challenges of creating a truly contemporary building in the post-recession environment, with immense difficulties placed on project budgets, has been overcome by the architect’s intelligent use of form and materials to maximize the overall effect. 

Main facade with set-back top floor

South-East rounded corner with vertical louvers

Aerial view of the location

Louvered facades

Dusk view of the main facade

Northern facade and view of the castle

Roof terraces with views of Bratislava's roofscape

Top view

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