40 beach bar
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PROJECT NAME:             «40» Beach Bar .

PLACE:                                Astir Beach –Vouliagmeni - Greece .

AREA:                                  135 m2  (indoor) , 70 m2 (outdoor).

COMPLETION TIME:      April 2016 – May 2016




Beach bar “40” is located in the most renowned beach of the Athenian Riviera; “Astir” Vouliagmeni.  The project is consisted of the renovation and reuse of three underground consolidated bungalows, which have been there since the 1960’s when this beautiful place operated for the first time, along with the design of a roofed exterior dining and coffee area on the beach. The buildings and the surrounding area of the hotel, as well as the architectural elements and aesthetics of the period in which they belong, determined the creative frame for the design of bar “40”.

            As a result, the white shell is maintained in its bigger part, while smaller elements and details in black and grey complement and at the same time emphasize the purity of white.       

The decorative concrete breeze blocks, which were a common practice in buildings of the Greek modernistic era during the 60’s, became the main element of the concept. By being materialized into wood, decorative perforated blocks cover the biggest part of the bar behind them and therefore create a first wooden layer in front of a black and white composition of panels that cover the fridges and warming cabinets of the products.

            The floor, in a simple cement grey tone creates a neutral base for the interior space and lets the contrast among the rest of the elements play the leading role of the composition. Black becomes the main color of expression in the general concept with a different aspect each time; first as ceramic mosaic tiles on the background wall of the bar, then as a matte finish on the panels behind the wooden breeze blocks and finally shaping the monochromatic floral hand painted wallpaper of the surrounding walls.

            The choice of the specific floral sketch and the way it is depicted aspires to graphically trigger our memories of a “lost paradise”. The 3 dimensional wooden leaves which also serve as light fixtures try to stimulate the transitional space between dream and reality and to soften the boundaries between seeing and feeling. Spherical light bulbs in different sizes were placed on the vaulted ceilings in a way that they give the impression they have been scattered there and rotated by a sea breeze or wind. The exterior space under the pergola, oriented towards the sea, complements the interior and integrates the transition from inside-out and vice versa. Materials and colors take part in the same game of balance between memory, dream and reality, seeking to impress the users but in the same time directing their sight towards the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.


key: beach, bar, design, minas, kosmidis, architecture, concept, interior, exterior, greece, sea, sand
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