Baiser cafe-bar
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PROJECT:                        «BAISER » café - bar

PLACE:                             Xanthi, Greece

AREA:                                120 m2 (indoor)

COMPLETION TIME:         December 2016



INFO :                      


“Baiser”, which means “kiss” in French, is a café – bar located in the city of Xanthi in northern Greece. Initially, the café – bar opened in 2006 when the studio of Minas Kosmidis [Architecture in Concept] designed it for the first time. After 10 years of ceaseless operation and success, in 2016, the owner decided to trust the studio again for the necessary remodeling.

In terms of plan, the space has been organized, placing all services (scullery - small kitchen and toilets) at the back, while leaving the rest of the floorplan available for the bar and seating area. The owner desired a space that will work more like a chic night bar than a cafeteria, so the architects decided to design large, center positioned high tables with comfortable upholstered stools, instead of ordinary tables and chairs.

            Regarding the materials and general atmosphere of the place, the architects’ objective was to create a luxurious chic café – bar, with retro features, in a warm - cozy environment. Two volumes with the same characteristics have been placed in the two main axes of the space. Being the one wider than the other, they are forming the bar areas, breaking the continuity of the space while clearly indicating their role, the main bar, and the champagne - cocktail bar.

Walnut wood has been used for the floor and some of the wall coverings, making a very warm base material, allowing the rest of colors/finishes to emerge. In the lower part of the walls, or even in the full height of some walls, a brass metallic grid was engraved, where the in-between gaps have been filled with squared pieces of white marble and oblong pieces of walnut wood and mirror. The same grid covers the vertical construction of the bar creating the illusion that it is part of the wall. The wall of the backfitting, is covered with white marble slabs, which creates a bright neutral background for the colorful selection of liquor bottles on the shelves. On the opposite side of the bar, a petrol blue embossed wallpaper brings contrast and character to the overall atmosphere and also serves as an ideal background for the shelves which have been decorated by retro glass decanters and other vintage elements. The main composition features of the space are, the vertical metallic panels with the curved finishing edges resembling wings. These panels sometimes are used as partitions, while sometimes are used as stands, covered with peacock wings wallpaper, along with pink velvet, marble or mirror.

Another essential material of the space composition is the brass metal, which has been used for most of the metal applications and the construction of the pendant lights and furniture as well. Furthermore, attention has been paid to the choice of colors and patterns of the velvet fabric of stools and chairs that have been used and also, the wallpapers to create a balanced retro chic set. 

key: design, eclectic, minas, kosmidis, architecture, concept, interior, modern
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