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To conceive a new space to be representative of the duties of the Company, optimizing the resources and reusing some of the available elements was the aim of the refurbishment project for the LATAM Autos corporate office in Mexico City. The commercial activity of the company was taken in consideration for the creative process, which was inspired by the aesthetics of the car and different elements related to it, as the mechanical workshop, the road…


A wall made out of recycled tires was proposed as the leading role of the project and its construction was the main challenge. With this wall, the interior was organized in two main spaces. In the front is the reception, where the clients arrive and have access to the meetings room, being the visible face of the office. On the back are located the spaces for the use of the employees, as offices and informal areas for meetings, rest and recreation. Red lines going through the different spaces recall the displacement of the car on the move


Various exposed elements and materials were used to evoke the environment of the mechanical workshop, such as concrete, OSB recycled wood, metals, apparent installations and industrial furniture, adapting to the requirements of an office space.


The offices of LATAM Autos communicate in every detail the essence of the brand with an innovative and daring proposal, which breaks with the conventional patterns in corporate offices design.

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