Can you tell me a Secret?
By Carlos Augusto16-08-2017Popularity:21070 Comments

CAN YOU TELL ME A SECRET? Guto Requena "Can You Tell Me a Secret?" is a set of interactive street furniture created as temporary public art for URBE 2016. Echoing the urban masses, it is composed of 5 wooden benches located in the middle of the Coronel Fernando Prestes Square in the Bom Retiro neighborhood, a stronghold of immigrants in the city of São Paulo. A sixth element in the form of a phone booth contains an old-style telephone and displays the phrase "Can You Tell Me a Secret?". It invites passers-by to come in and share their stories, which are then recorded and played back randomly inside the furniture via speakers. The color of the furniture was derived from a process of mixing the flags of the area´s immigrants, like South Korea, Greece, Bolivia, Italy and Haiti.

At night the pieces become light sculptures, vibrating and changing colors in warm

 tones which reflect the volume levels of the various audio recordings as they are 

played back. LED lights mounted inside them amplify and transmit the experience 

of the work to the environs, creating a dreamlike landscape in this energized public 

square, which during the period of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil bore witness

 to repression and torture.

This work is the fruit of ongoing investigations being conducted by Estudio Guto Requena into the intersection of emotions, memories, design and digital technology. It is an invitation to reflect on the invisible and symbolic limits of the private and the public spheres, and seeks to add poetic layers to the experience of everyday urban life.

key: installation, interactive, street furniture, emotion, digital technologies
  • Name:Carlos Augusto Requena
  • Country:Brazil
  • Specialty: Digital Architecture
  • Position:Creative Director
  • Introduction: We shape memories through the experimental use of digital technologies. Bits to generate emotions, to get us close...
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