Sensitive Star
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Sensitive Star - Interactive Installation and Set Design  São Paulo, March 2016 - Prestes Maia Av. 241, Historic Center of São Paulo - 

Set Design

The design developed for the 2016 edition of the event “Heineken Up On The Roof” invited the audience to have a new perspective of the city, observing its daily transformation and its chaos, but also enraptured by the magnificence and vastness of São Paulo. It is an opportunity to declare love for this Brazilian metropolis.

    A temporary space, it was on the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in Brazil, The Mirante do Vale Building, which was constructed in 1966, under authorship of Waldomiro Zarzur and Aron Kogan, and is located in the Valley of Anhangabaú, in the historic center of São Paulo.     Abandoned for almost three decades, this rooftop was transformed into a large lounge with a bar in the covered area, and outdoor dance floor overlooking the city, finalized with an interactive art installation entitled “Sensitive Star” on the helipad.     The furniture collection “Mirante”, designed for the event, finds inspiration from the building itself and its Modernist Architecture. The furniture’s MDF plates express the concrete lines of space and serves as both a bar and home furnishings.     The collection was published in Open Source Design (copyleft) so that anyone can download the technical files and reproduce them freely through a FabLab or Makerspace, using digital manufacturing. Download the files at

Sensitive Star

A star-shaped interactive installation on the Mirante’s helipad, the Sensitive Star reacts to the stimuli of moving people through a group of sensors, and responds with changing light and sound. As a larger-than-life musical instrument, it is set to input visitors’ body movements, mixing them with a soundscape, a collection of the building’s surroundings, such as street fairs, traffic,

city market and the Monastery of São Bento.


“Heineken Up On The Roof” Set Design: Guto Requena Design Team Estudio Guto Requena: Daniel Vianna, Guilherme Giantini, Bruno Baietto

“Sensitive Star” – Interactive Installation by Guto Requena Architecture Development: Daniel Vianna Software, Hardware and Audio Research: Felipe Merker Castellani and Fernando Falci de Souza Photography: Pedro Kok

key: interactive installation, set design, light, led, digital tecnology
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