XYZ Formula flagship store
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 Inflow into foreign space inevitably incites desires for attraction and excitement. It may be something similar to curiosity.  Just like the beginning of writing or the first scene in a film, space may have the attraction that keenly draws people’s attention and stirs their senses from its first impression.

 Rhythmical and vitality of the XYZ Formula’s facade are said to come from the concept of ‘See-through’. As the connection between the product image and spatial atmosphere cannot be ignored, XYZ Formula - the representing image of which is moisture products – was designed with the storytelling of ‘Permeate’.  The facade, inciting the compelling interest using punching plates, has illustrated a series of processes of ‘Permeate’ along with its function of absorbing natural light.

 Besides, design worth special note is gradation of purple and orange connected linearly and related colors being transparently adorned in each corner of space, causing a brilliant linkage with the goal of the brand. Space of XYZ Formula has been represented based on the gradation of its colors ranging from purple to orange in a bid to highlight rhythmical, vitality and gorgeous spatial atmosphere. This has significant and sufficient implications as space visualizing diverse images and stories coming from dimmed border of colors.


facade detail


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