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The main idea of the project
Creative office with the Fluxus spirit. Agency's motto - creativity - it was necessary to make more positive signal to this activity spaces. We constructed employees space, where everything, starting with the labor law and ending with paintings on the walls respective personalities, inspired to create, surprise, generate ideas, and even relax. We did not seek to create a standard office, wanted to do everything with the ambition, unconventional. The interior is dominated by natural unpainted galvanized metal, openwork partitions, graphically composes into the interior of the building along with old bricks and drawings on the walls. To arouse curiosity, surprise means one out of the office interior design concepts.

Project Description
In the new office of "Inspired UM” agency works approximately fifty human brains that develop and strategy innovative market communication solutions. The main concept was to create a space in which everything, beginning with the principles of work and ending with the drawings on the walls of respective personalities, inspired to create, surprise, generate ideas, and even relax. The portraits of Jonas Mekas and George Maciunas were also chosen not by chance: they are -  impressive Lithuanian personalities, who  had inspired new artistic movements in the global context years ago, and this is the same purpose of this office team today.
Galvanized metal filigree partitions have been chosen as the graphical details and also as the constructional elements for this interior, even more they have become ideological and aesthetic starting point for further decisions.
We tried just to enrich the current spirit of the old house with the modern elements: the multicolored old bricks were  combined with the  laconic metal and warm wood inlays. Even engineering systems has got a decorative role here – they are very harmoniously "chatting" with galvanized metal partitions. Wooden ceilings on the first floor provides comfort and warmth, and the specific gaps between the ceiling boards were designed to absorb sound.
Another accent - rich in patterns oriental carpets in the recreation area and walkways. More wooden details, which confer softness and a feeling of comfort are in the cuisine space. Here we designed a natural cork table, and solid wood sills, bar and kitchen furniture.
A non-binding mood is used to infect also the customers - as the the philosophy of this office says: any serious solution must keep at least a fraction of playfulness.

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