Arc ZERO - Nimbus
By James12-07-2017Popularity:8170 Comments

Materials: steel, nozzles, pipes, pumps, filters, LED strip, mirror, rigging, water.

Situated at the entrance to an important local Buddhist Temple, Hotokizaki Kanon-ji, a delicate yet imposing artwork beckons viewers along the pathway leading to the temple grounds. A ring of mist encircles a bridge spanning a small river which becomes the source of the mist. The river itself begins in the nearby mountains where the winter snow is still melting and flows through the densely forested site to supply local farms with water. The artwork’s circular shape represents this cyclical journey of the water, through all physical states (solid, liquid, gas) down the mountain, and eventually back up again through the air to form snowflakes

The viewer’s experience of the work is one of crossing a threshold, passing through a significant space both physically and spiritually, as they enter the Temple grounds.

During the day the mist plays with the ambient wind and lighting conditions to produce crepuscular rays throughout the site, and occasionally creating circular rainbows around the viewer. In the darker hours the mist is illuminated from lighting embedded within the ring’s structure, taking on a fiery glow.


key: Art Installation Display Light
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