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The story begin with the Vietnam mythology - with a beautiful Phoenix represent a queen of femininity. JACQUELINE is a luxury designer multi-brand boutique that’s present the luxury and powerful femininity as the phoenix!

To bring up the Phoenix in this century is a little bit hard to tell story to this generation, so we simplify the phoenix wing pattern around the shop area by engraving in the marble showing the majestic power of femininity.

Jacqueline have 4 zone which represent the different propose of sale;

1.VIP zone for wedding dresss and gown dresses, go with the special pattern pink carpet

2.Shoe&Bag zone which play with shuffle rose gold mirror around the area 

3.Accessories zone, with the tilt mirror boxes to display the fragile jewelry

4.Ready to wear zone with rose gold hanger and the texture painting wall showing the artistic feeling and work as a background very well because this make the dress more outstanding.

Only 3 main materials in this boutique ;

1.The stainless steel ROSE GOLD represent the powerful feeling of a queen.

2.Texture pain represent the artistic and modernity.

3.Marble represent the luxury.


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