Dream Hotel & Spa
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Conceived as a tropical oasis, the Dream Hotel and Spa on the Island of Phuket in Thailand is a collection of low rise structures, carefully located around the periphery of the site and looking in on the luxurious lagoon pool which is surrounded by a variety of lounging opportunities, punctuated by the main resort restaurant at one end and a swim up bar and covered lounge at the other.

The room types are also varied, with private pools and swim up terraces predominating at the lower levels and in all the penthouse units.  Further vitality is achieved with the balconies, which are ‘U’ shaped pre-cast concrete shells, tacked on to the face of the room blocks with variation in their depth and the height of their side walls.

Materials have been kept simple and natural with fair-faced and painted concrete for the walls, homogenous tiles, sandwash or timber decking on the floors and natural riven slate for the lagoon.  This simplicity comes through in the landscaping where beds of standing grasses, individual date palms and vertical green walls soften the architecture and provide colour and privacy.

On the roof of the main building, a 25m lap pool with sundeck and covered bar area provide a more private lounging area during the day and a perfect party location at night.

Although there are 176 keys in total, the abundance of decks, terraces, cabanas and balconies ensures the ambience is intimate and friendly.

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