The Butcher
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September 2016

Following the 2012 inauguration of the Butcher Amsterdam,  the designers introduce the Butcher's DNA to Berlin. BK design brings  to the fore The Butcher's iconic personality where throughout the ground floor and garden terrace of the Sir Savigny Hotel they  once again celebrate his meat-driven passionate character and  mastering of the 'ins&outs' of burger patties.

Uncompromisingly obsessive to quality, details and people, BK's design resonates with his craft and social skills. The design is uncompromising in its message and spatial experience and leaves no doubt as per The Butcher's intentions: a state of the art kitchen that 'radiates' state of the art patties and serves as a socializing terminal where Berliners can connect and exchange  while having  a bloody delicious burger experience.

Immersed in an articulated stainless steel kitchen, furniture and 'communicative'  wall tiles,  the spirit of the Butcher prevails.

The space is bold, coherent and welcoming.  A sense of familiarity draws people in to explore and discover their preferred spot. BK introduces a collage of socializing arrangements where diversified mind sets can find refuge inside-out , rain or shine.

key: The Butcher, Berlin, Sir Savigny, Baranowitz+Kronenberg Architecture, Irene Kronenberg, Alon Baranowitz
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