Book and Bed, Tokyo
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Books induce people to sleep."I intended to read a book but I fell asleep before I knew it."Everyone should have had such an experience.

This is a project to make a dormitory accommodation in a floor of a small building in front of the Ikebukuro station.

We usually consider "how the sleeping environment should be" such like comfortable beds and pillows when we think about "sleep", but we considered about "how to fall asleep" and "how to spend a time before going to bed" in this time.

Then, considering about dormitory, it should be a problem if someone talks next to the one who is sleeping. But, it may be difficult to ask them to be quiet. So, we adopted the environment of library to the dormitory as the place where everyone becomes quiet unconsciously.

Here, guests go into a bookshelf as a room, and it looks like someone is living inside of a bookshelf. We create such a "new scenery" that everyone knows by combining "book" and "bed" that everyone knows. And ordinary actions in their life also make "newness."  

We usually think about what "newness" means regardless of software and hardware. Newness may mean not nobody knows but everyone knows. We are interested in the way to find such "newness" in our life.


Design Company: SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co., Ltd

Location: Nishi-Ikebukuro, Teshimaku, TOKYO

Total floor area: 163.42m2

Capacity: 30 seats

Photographer: Toshiyuki Yano

key: Book and Bed, reading and sleeping
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