also Soup Stock Tokyo
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"also Soup Stock Tokyo” is a specialty soup restaurant located in the center of Jiyugaoka(Meguro-ku), Tokyo. The quiet residential area is surrounded by trees, cafés and sophisticated boutiques, but still has a friendly and warm atmosphere.

The “also Soup Stock Tokyo” is located on a particularly vibrant street. I considered during the planning of this building how toorganically continue this lively flow throughout the building.

The inside structure has a double height wall with a skip floor, making the terrace of the third floor visible from the second floor.

The west and south-facing sides of this building are covered by a glass steel-sash, allowing a clear view of the restaurant, plus the first to third floor, and also the terrace.The first floor has a four-panel sliding door completely opening out to the street corner, allowing the delicious aroma from the kitchen to waft out to the street - inviting those wandering by to join.

The south-facing façade has single casement windows, acting as an attractive atmosphere wall, with people moving fluidly inside.

I feel the flow of this building welcomes in both locals, and visitors, workingin harmony within this charming neighborhood.



Yuko Nagayama & Associates: Yuko Nagayama , Tomosuke Hanatsumi Floor area: 77.53 m2

Seats: 30 seats + Terrace 12 seats 


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