Auto Cafe Building
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A commercial building which houses a showroom of car dealer, AUTO CAFE and some tenants. AUTO CAFEs BUILDING stands at the corner of the intersection which leads to the front of Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station of Toyo Rapid Railway from the new residential area currently under development. We wanted this place to function as a gatehouse that connects the station with the new residential area. Making use of the long, narrow land along the road, we planned a public passageway facing the street. The first floor opens up its piloti to the public, making it look as though the sidewalk has become wider. The hallway on the second floor, which is usually not visible from the streets as a part of the town, is on the road side as a part of the city rather than that of the building. People passing by on the streets can see the people walking in the hallway through the meshed screen and the glazed tenant room further inside the building. The aluminum panel on the second floor can be used as a signboard and it is designed not to degrade the appearance of the building. The screen surface is randomly folded in order to obtain the effect that the gazes of the people passing by would remain there for a while. As a sweet gatehouse, it emits soft light throughout the building at night to light up the city and shows its presence as a landmark in the area.

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